My Blogs

First things first!

Thank you for visiting my blog I hope you enjoy your time here and find whatever it is your looking for, this of course depends on which of my blogs you are on while reading this!! 

So then lets list them all I think that will be the easier route!

I actually run and own three websites and they are as follows 

So let me tell you a little about them all

pendencrystals is my blog about the wiccan craft, I have been Wiccan for over 12 years now and it is one of my great passions, so if you would like to learn about the craft then pendencrystals is the blog for you! There is a lot of information on there so you will learn all about the craft and much much more.

fantasy backgrounds by kayshalady is a blog for all of my fantasy backgrounds, elements and digital scrapbooking, I love fantasy art so I design a lot of fantasy background packs and PNG Tubes and different elements and embellishments for you to use in your own designs.

And finally comes Weebly site which is similar to fantasy backgrounds.

So there you are a little background on my blogs now a little more about me in case your interested!

My greatest passion in life is my Wiccan way of life that is very important to me I have a section on there how I became interested in Wiccan and what it means to me so not to repeat myself please flick over to pendencrystals and you can read all about my Wiccan way of life there.

I became interested in digital scrapbooking a few years ago now, I am not really sure how it even came about if I am honest one day I happened to see a program in a store called Serif digital scrapbooking and I found myself fascinated seeing all the pretties on the back and thought oh I would love to be able to do that! So I brought it there and then, came home and started to play around with it ~ I was soon hooked!

I then found myself more interested in Photoshop and realized there was a lot to the program and I admit it did take me a long time to learn it and if I am honest I am still learning really, it often amazes me I have gone to do something only to find I suddenly come across a new little something that I hadn't noticed after all these years! I end up sitting here thinking wow I didn't realise I had that on Photoshop! Yeah I know call me slow but what can I say I go at my own speed ha ha!

I remember getting very frustrated because I am the kind of person who goes thru life running before I learned to walk! When I set myself a mission I will keep plodding until I learn something even thou there have been a few occasions where tears of frustration are pretty close because I just 'couldn't do it'! But I didn't give up I just kept at it and here I am today.

This is really how this blog came about I had spent hours searching for the most silly little thing I wanted to do but didn't have the know how for how to do it, I then realized there must be others first starting out either with digital scrapbooking or fantasy background photomanipulations that are in the same position so I decided I would do this blog not only to show and sell my work but to also help other along the way if I could.

So on this blog you will find tutorials and all of my different designs and also embellishments and freebies which I hope will help and get you started in this wonderful fantasy world?

This is a relatively new blog ~ February 2012 so please bare with me as I will be adding lots of things to the blog as time goes by, so if you don't find it here right now you just might in another week or two further down the track! So please don't give up on me I will be adding all the time so the blog will eventually be huge!

Please follow me then you can keep track and hopefully find whatever it is you came here for in the first place! I remember going on to a lot of scrapbooking sites and thinking 'how did they do that'! Or 'I wish I could do that' well time and perseverance and of course a little help along the way you do finally get there and you suddenly find what you first thought was how did they do that your suddenly doing it yourself and feeling rather proud!

I hope you like my work and find the freebies and embellishments and of course the tutorials helpful and informative and I hope you enjoy your time here.

I am only ever an email away so please feel free to email me anytime and I will get back to you

With my very best wishes and love and light